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St. John Fisher
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Year 2





We would like to take this opportunity to say hello and extend a warm welcome to the children and parents joining us in Year 2 this year. We have lots of exciting things planned and hope your children will share these experiences with you on a regular basis. They will experience new opportunities and challenges throughout the year, both inside and outside of the classroom. These will help them to develop and evolve both as learners and as a community of  St. John Fisher Primary.

The Year 2 Team

Mrs Hilario - Class Teacher

Ms Minogue - Class Teacher

Mrs Dovydaitiene - Learning Support Assistant

What Are Year 2 Learning?



 In Year 2, students will delve into the captivating worlds of Recounts and Shape Poetry. Through Recounts, they'll embark on journeys of personal narratives, reflecting on past experiences with vivid detail and expressive language. Meanwhile, Shape Poetry will inspire them to craft verses that not only convey meaning through words but also through visually striking arrangements, where the form complements the content. This term promises to ignite creativity, foster storytelling skills, and unveil the beauty of words in varied forms.


This term, children will be exploring the concepts of multiplication and division, which lay the foundation for more complex mathematical operations. Alongside, they will embark on a journey through measurements, discovering the intricacies of length and height, as well as delving into the realms of mass, capacity, and temperature. Through hands-on activities and engaging lessons, they will develop a deeper understanding of these fundamental mathematical and scientific principles.


In this term's science lessons, children will delve into the fascinating world of materials. Through hands-on experiments, engaging demonstrations, and interactive learning activities, they will uncover the secrets behind everyday materials, their composition, and how they shape the world around us. 


PE will be on Tuesday and Thursdays  for Year 2E.

This term we will be learning hockey and orienteering.

 Reminder: School PE Kit should to be worn for all PE lessons; this includes black plimsolls/black or white trainers, black or navy shorts and a white t-shirt. Jewellery/watches are not to be worn on P.E days and long hair must be tied back. Please note, any children who are unable to take their earrings out will not be physically involved in these sessions. They will ‘take part’ by observing the lesson and assisting the class teacher.

 Year 2 Class Timetable

 Please note timetables to sometimes change across a term. 

Year 2 Learning Overview