St. John Fisher

St. John Fisher
Catholic Primary School

Prayer And Liturgy

Children are actively engaged in prayer, liturgy, and the exploration of their Catholic faith. At our school, we are thrilled to witness the early stages of children taking ownership of collective worship, fostering a sense of belonging and spiritual growth.

Through our Come and See Programme, children are encouraged to deepen their understanding of prayer and worship, with opportunities to craft their own heartfelt prayers and lead various forms of worship. From House and Class Assemblies to reading at whole-school liturgies, Masses, and Carol Services, our students actively participate in sharing their faith with others.

Collective worship forms a central pillar of the Catholic life at our school, with a diverse range of acts of worship scheduled throughout the week to meet the unique needs of our students:

  • Mondays feature Gospel Assemblies, where we reflect on the teachings of Jesus.
  • Tuesdays bring joy with Singing Assemblies, lifting our spirits through song.
  • Wednesdays are special as children plan and deliver their own class worship sessions.
  • Thursdays see Avilas or classes leading worship, further nurturing our spiritual community.
  • Fridays conclude with our Golden Assembly, celebrating achievements and values.

Additionally, termly whole-school Masses and Holy Days of Obligation are observed, along with special services during Advent and Lent, including Penitential Services and Stations of the Cross led by staff, parents, and Year 6 students. Throughout October and May, we honor the tradition of the Rosary with our 'Daily Decade' prayers. We also commemorate House Saints Days and St John Fisher Day with joyous celebrations.

At our school, every day is an opportunity for children to deepen their connection to their faith, grow in spirituality, and celebrate the richness of our Catholic heritage.

The Morning Prayer

Father in Heaven, you love me,

You are with me night and day.

I want to love you always in all I do and say

I'll try to please you Father

Bless me through the day.


Grace Before Meals


Bless us O Lord,

As we sit together

Bless the food we eat today.

Bless the hands that made the food.

Bless us O Lord.


Thanks After Meals


Thank you God

For the food we have eaten.

Thank you God

For all our friends.

Thank you God 

For everything.


End Of Day Prayer

 God our Father, I come to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family

And all the things you give to me. 

Guard me in the dark and night

And in the morning send your light.