St. John Fisher

St. John Fisher
Catholic Primary School

Parent's Information

Our school is open from 8.40am (for soft start)  till 8.55am. This is the official start of our school day, with the school day finishing at 3.15pm. Reception children finish at 3:05 pm.

St John Fisher Parent Handbook

St John Fisher Parent Handbook  



Children of any age are more likely to be happy at school, and to achieve their best, if the school and the home work closely in partnership and if their parents take an active interest in their education and welfare during the time the child is in school.
We value the involvement of parents and carers in the life of our school and offer many opportunities for you to take part in your child’s education here, for example:

  • Helping with reading, art work, cooking, and needlework.
  • Parent helper on educational visits
  • Attending school masses, services and events.

It is natural that parents may, from time to time, be concerned about some aspect of their child’s education or welfare at school. This may, for example, be due to a misunderstanding about the school’s approach to aspects of the curriculum, or about the way we deal with behavioural problems. We therefore welcome enquiries from parents about these, and other matters and are confident that, in the vast majority of cases, we can reassure you by explaining our policies and practices, and how they affect your child. With a commitment from all concerned to resolve any such concerns calmly and rationally, we can work with you to try to achieve the most appropriate solution in your child’s interests.  

Following is the School policy. We would expect the following steps to be taken:

  1. Speak to the class teacher

  2. Speak to a Member of the leadership team

If this does not resolve your concern, them please see the school policy.  

If your complaint is regarding the Headteacher, then please email directly. 

Complaints Policy