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School Uniform

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School Uniform

All pupils are expected to wear an agreed school uniform within the school and to and from school including representative games. Watches can be worn from Year 2, but you are strongly advised to make sure they are cheap and preferably analogue. If your child has earrings, they should only be small studs. However, they must be removed at home on PE days. This means that any piercing must be done at the start of the summer holiday so that the ears heal, and the earrings can be removed at home before coming to school. Staff are not permitted to routinely take earrings out of children’s ears.  No other jewellery should be worn (no necklaces, bracelets etc.) Wearing jewellery of any kind can be dangerous for your child because the jewellery may get caught or accidently pulled which can cause a painful and unpleasant accident. Children are also not allowed to wear any make up or nail varnish.

All items of clothing should be marked clearly with your child’s name
We take no responsibility for the safety of these items.


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