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Curriculum information

Catholic Social Teaching activities are provided for each year group, each term. The threads of these activities flow through the term with Caritas theme being woven in and revisited. Reflecting cyclical learning.

Reading is embedded through the Caritas Curriculum with “Hook with a Book” as an outer central theme to the curriculum.

The learning topic encapsulates the following subjects: Reading, Writing, Science, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, Computing and Music.  Mathematics, some aspects of Science, PE, MFL and RE are taught discretely.

We believe that we have achieved a curriculum model that reaches every child within our schools. The Caritas Curriculum balances the acquisition of knowledge, the development of key skills and the implementation of our core values. It excites, inspires and motivates our children and staff, by making learning purposeful and by allowing our children to recognise the part they play within our shared community.

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