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Religious Education at St John Fisher Please see our Pictures.

Parent Letters for each term.

Please see our Intent Statement for Religious Education 

Religious Education - Our Summary 

Children are quick to develop their religious literacy skills as they progress through St John Fisher school. Children are very happy and confident to talk about and discuss aspects of the Catholic Faith that they have learned.  Children are religiously articulate and are able to give clear reasons to support their thinking

Pupils with specific learning needs fully engage in lessons and are able to demonstrate a very good understanding within their specific reference point.  Lessons are in the main differentiated to accommodate the learning needs of all children and classroom support is given to those that need it.  RE lesson are planned to incorporate learning approach and children with specific learning needs are able to express their understanding in a variety of ways.

Our children demonstrate a high level of enjoyment and enthusiasm for religious education, engaging extremely well in lessons, asking questions, demonstrating their learning and their willingness to explore more.  Children are religiously literate, demonstrating thoughtful responses to what they are being taught.

All pupils have access to the RE curriculum no matter the level of their needs. Pupils with specific learning needs are fully engaged in lessons and are able to demonstrate good understanding from their starting points.  

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